Do you have a big deals pitch coming up? A first interview? A networking event? Whatever it may be, first prints can be a deciding factor in the outgrowth of your meeting. We ’ve all met people that left an inimical first print, and those last right? People make their first judgement of you within a many twinkles. So, how do you make sure you leave a great first print when it matters most?
10 simple tips to help you put your stylish bottom forward:
1. Smile. This seems egregious but smiles can communicate further than words can say. Putting a smile on your face makes you look and feel confident, positive and energetic.

2. Stand altitudinous. Your body language can give away a lot about you. Sitting crawled over during your interview will tell the hiring director you ’re nervous, shy and insecure. Sit up straight and design confidence, it’ll allow both people to feel more at ease.

3. Be positive. Right off the club, be positive. Your station can drastically affect someone’s perception of you. Until you ’ve developed a relationship with someone, do n’t speak negatively.

4. Be enthusiastic. Be animated and appear to be enthusiastic, indeed if you ’re not feeling thatway.However, they will probably feel the same, If you ’re agitated about meeting someone.

5. Make eye contact. This shows you’re confident and sure of yourself. Avoiding eye contact when you first meet someone can make you feel insecure, untrustworthy and shy.

6. Hear. This is a common mistake. When you ’re nervous you might speak too important as you try to avoid any awkward pauses in the discussion. Learn to decelerate down and hear to other people.

7. Ask questions. It’s no secret that people love to talk about themselves, this isn’t meant in a negative way, it’s the verity! Ask other people questions when you first meet them; how are you? How is your day? How long have you worked then? Do n’tover-do it, just be authentically interested in them.

8. Look the part. Whatever first print you ’re trying to make, dress consequently! Present yourself meetly, do n’t wear sandals to an interview, do n’t look disheveled, the list goes on!
9. Use names. People enjoy hearing their own names. It’ll let them know you’re paying attention to them.

10. Speak with authority. Do n’t speak as though you ’re doubtful of yourself. Make it clear that you ’re confident in what you ’re saying to someone.